There are many different ways to make money online , but today Sapo will introduce to you how to make money from Google, reputable and effective.

Without a doubt, Google is one of the most successful businesses in the world. With billions of – Why Can’t i Make a Discord Account – people using its search engine and others every day, every hour, Google makes money by helping people monetize its various tools and properties:

  • Adsense
  • Youtube
  • Affiliate network
  • DoubleClick Network
  • Blogger
  • Analytics
  • Android…

If you have the blood to get rich and don’t know what business to do, here are some ways you can make money from Google comfortably, even sitting at home working.

1. Google Adsense

8 ways to make money online with Google that you should try

This is the most popular way to make money from Google. Google Adsense is a tool that pays you to run ads on your Blog or website. Every time a person visits that ad, you will earn a commission. The more visitors your web or Blog attracts, the more advertising interest, the more money you will earn.

So, if you have a blog or website that consistently generates significant traffic, you should monetize it with Google Adsense. However, you also need to know that Adsense publishers are bound by strict rules, so you need to be assured, committed to honesty if you want to cooperate with Google Adsense through the program. their.

How to set up AdSense integration with Analytics for beginners

Before thinking about making money online, you will need to set up AdSense so that you can study in more detail in Analytics.

To do this, if you are viewing the dashboard, you just need to click on the link to integrate Adsense with your Analytics account.

It is just one click and fills in some information about your Analytics account.

However, if you are not the administrator of your Analytics account, you will not be able to make the necessary changes; but if you are the only person using and running the website then it should not be a concern.

It should be noted that: When integrating these two accounts, if you add new information, Google AdWords (GA) will not sync past information, but only see what you provide new in the process. this.


Once synchronization is complete, you can scroll down to learn about the best results:

  • AdSense Revenue  is the amount of money you’ve generated during the time period you choose to run your Google AdSense ads.
  • AdSense Revenue / 1000 Visits  is the amount of money you have generated on average per 1000 user visits to your website.
  • Ads Clicked  (Ads Clicked) is the number of ads that were clicked on by the viewer.
  • Ads Clicked / Visits  is the total number of ad clicks per user visit.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)  is the percentage of clicks you get for each ad impression.
  • eCPM (effective Cost Per 1000 impressions) , aka Effective Cost per 1000 ad impressions. That’s the total earnings you get per 1000 impressions.
  • AdSense Ads Viewed  is the total number of ads seen in all ads displayed on all visited pages.
  • AdSense Unit Impressions / Visit  is the number of ads viewed by a user per visit.
  • AdSense Page Impressions  is the number of pages viewed that show AdSense ads.
  • AdSense Page Impressions / Visit  is the number of pages viewed that show AdSense ads per visit.

Here are some great tips to help you double your earnings through making money online with Google AdSense.

Remember to use the instructions above to accurately track your results and increase in effectiveness, guys!

Tip 1: Target “quality” visitors

When you log in to GA, click on content, then on AdSense, you will be taken to many more AdSense, which is a list of all the sites where the user clicked on the ad, as well as your earnings timeline.

However, it’s not the clicks, or even the revenue, that matter, but the click-through rate (CTR) and Effective Cost per 1000 ad impressions (eCPM).

As noted above, CTR is the percentage of ads that are clicked on per impression, so the higher the percentage, the better. And it depends largely on the quality of the target user, the ad’s relevance to the viewer.

On the other hand, if targeting the right quality audience, the eCPM number will also be much higher, and you will make more money, of course. As proof of that, you may have noticed that the quality of users on Twitter is better than on Facebook.

Although placing a lot of links about 10 times a day on Twitter, you will not get more traffic than Facebook, moreover, the time to view the page of users from Facebook is also quite long (about 00:02: 29) but their eCPM is actually lower than that of Twitter.

From those findings, it can be concluded that: Large traffic from forums, user-oriented pages with long page view time will help you earn more money because of the ability to click on ads. will be higher.

Meanwhile, users from sites like Facebook will not bring high efficiency in making money online with Google AdSense, because they are often only interested in the content you write, not paying attention to it. the ads you are showing.

Therefore, it is important that you find a good balance of visitor quality.

Tip 2: Write and share quality content, with the right focus, with the right audience

Looking at the chart below, you can see that 6/11 saw a sharp breakout in author Josh Dunlop’s earnings.

After researching the cause, he realized that a small number of display pages helped bring in big income, especially an article titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Photography” was collected. He gets tons of clicks when he shares on Twitter and delivers an unusually high CTR.

That said, Josh Dunlop needs to push more helpful tutorials like this if he wants to make a lot of money.

Because when visitors want to learn more things, they will have to increase the pages read per visit to the web, then the frequency of advertising will be more.

Just improve your content, after a few days you will notice a good change in the numbers and earnings received from this Google monetization.

Tip 3: Diversify your ad display (Text, photo, multimedia)

Make it easy for businesses to place ads on your site in a variety of display formats, such as text, photos, or even multimedia.

This will improve your ability to compete in auctions to show more ads that help you earn more. Statistically, on average, sites that display ads can increase their income by 59% when they allow the recommended changes to be made.

Now, try to check, if your page does not allow a variety of impressions, then open the “My ads” tab, then click on the “Edit ad style” section to customize it again. Please.

That will increase the user’s cost-per-click, so even if you don’t improve the number of clicks your site gets, you’ll still make more money.

Tip 4: Increase ad size

Businesses often prefer ad placement units that can expand the ad size to make it more visible to the eyes of web visitors.

The eCPM will then be higher, and you can start by trying to change some of the ads on the page to see how well they perform (if that’s not too difficult).

Then, if you see positive effects in increasing income for both you and your business units when  making money online  , you can roll out this ad size to all locations worldwide. your website set.

However, consider the site layout carefully, like Josh Dunlop, he didn’t increase the ad size in the sidebar (the right and left vertical part of the website) because it not only took a lot of time but also caused a lot of trouble. trouble about the distance when affecting the display of the article content.

Instead, he applied this trick with the ads placed at the bottom of each article, and it showed a positive improvement in the sales of the business units.

Tip 5: Think about ad placement

Where you choose to place ads on your site can make a big difference in the number of clicks, because when an ad is clearly displayed, it is more likely to be seen by users. .

However, it will be difficult for you to know what is the best ad placement, as the user effect will be different for different websites and different topics of interest. Therefore, it is best to test with all positions first to see if it works.

When I first started running Google AdSense, Josh Dunlop placed two ads, one at the top of the sidebar, and one at the bottom.

He then added another ad in the sidebar, removed the ad at the bottom, added one at the bottom of each article, and placed a small copy ad just below the post title.

In particular, the small copy ads below the title can make a big difference, as that is quite prominent place for new users, even if they are easily confused with a link placed inside. in the writing.

2. Google Adwords

This is the same set of cards as Google Adsense but Google Adsense is slightly different in that it is intended for advertisers. While Google Adwords will not take money directly and it can help you attract customers for your business or blog visitors, it will ultimately turn out to be profitable for you.

A big advantage of Google Adwords is that it shows your ad to Internet users who are searching Google for keywords related to your ad. Accordingly, your chances of hitting your campaign goals are as wide open as the best targeted ads and audiences.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google will list websites on its results pages based on the relevance of the web pages to search queries and the authority of the sites.

The position of a website or blog in Google search rankings can be improved, but this requires the comprehensive knowledge that Google uses to rank.

Many website owners have hired SEO experts to improve their Google search rankings. If you have a deep understanding of SEO especially Google, you can make money from this job.

4. Blogger

Owned by Google, Blogger is a free platform that, like WordPress and Tumblr, creates and develops blogs. If you have knowledge, experience, or passion for a topic to share with others, you can start a blog on that topic and then share it with others willing to learn from you.

Once you have built a large readership, your blog will generate massive and sustained traffic , you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, banner placement, PR posts, etc.

5. How to make money on Youtube

Youtube is a program that allows Internet users to upload videos. Not only does it allow you to share your videos with the world, but it also allows you to earn money. By simply making money from videos with Adsense or another method, you will earn a decent amount of money based on the attractiveness of your videos.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner will help you find out the words or phrases that users are using in queries. With this tool, business owners or bloggers can find out which keywords are most likely to attract visitors to their websites and blogs.

By optimizing their website for these keywords, they will attract the target audience. This tool won’t bring in quick cash but it can help you make big long term profits.

7. Consulting

If you are having a lot of experience with any of the Google tools listed above, you can make money by putting others at the ready on how to use these tools. For example, if you understand SEO, you could open an SEO course or have classes that teach you how to use and get the most from SEO…

8. Working at Google

This is a way you can hardly do online, but also a way you can apply to work with Google. Just like any other business, Google also has “recruitments” to work for them, at offices in the US, other countries, even Vietnam.

If you have what they need, apply boldly and the opportunity to work in the largest company in the world may be within your reach, why not? Look up Google’s information online, strive to meet their requirements and start “attacking”.

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