In the world of blogging there are two things that are vital for your online success, contend and visitors aka traffic gone are the days of if you build it they will come. In my quest for earning the living blogging, I’ve discovered that Pinterest is the big part of many bloggers success


Just like Facebook in back in the day, Pinterest has quickly become a great source of traffic for small blog owners who haven’t had a big budget to spend on ads. The first thing to do is to create the Pinterest account [assuming you haven’t don’t so yet], it also important to make sure that you create a business account.

The business account let you link your website and you get to view the statistics

Do you have a blog?


I’m probably the only person who didn’t use tailwind until the beginning of the year, it just sounded too good to be true for me [and it still is, to be honest] and the fact that almost every big blogger raved about it annoyed me the most. What I like about Tailwind is the fact that it is the time saver and it pretty useful when it comes to identifying the best times to pin there I said it

My problem with Tailwind is

  • They have a lot of features that are unnecessary like the smart loop that can confuse the newbie bloggers especially since Pinterest has been preaching ‘fresh content’ lately.
  • The dashboard is not user friendly, there are days which their dashboard just gave up on me to point which I have to log off why you may ask well it can be painfully slow and the layout throws me off especially when I’m saving draft into the time slot I wish I could scroll whenever I wish instead of waiting two minutes [ I cannot be the only one experiencing this]
  • And the price, I get that you save when you pay yearly debate but I’m still not convinced by the $15 a month [400 pins] it still feels a bit too much.


There that was my rant and I still recommend it as it the only one who is supported by Pinterest

If you have too much time on your hand you can always pin manually and believe me there are people who’ve found success on it, and all you have to do is create a strategy I’m sure you had of the term ‘pinning strategy’ being thrown around before. You can start by pinning a minimum of three pins per day and one should be yours to feel your way in. Then as gradually increase to 15 per day which is the recommended number.

If you don’t have enough content on your site to create the fresh pins take a look at [name plus website] she teaches how you can create up to 30 pins from only 3 posts.

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Still, on Tailwind, it has tribes which it basically it version of Pinterest groups each account access to five tribes you can join them to help with the repin and saving of your pins alternatively you can just find relevant groups on Pinterest and request to join. Both Pinterest groups and tribes have similar [imithetho]


Like I said before you have to aim for at least a minimum of three pins per day to grow your account and therefore your traffic. The math is pretty simple if more eyes are at your pins than it will likely be more click to your site that is how you basically grow your traffic with Pinterest. Different niche behaves differently though, meaning not every topic will be the success immediately. Beauty and fashion tend to do better than most while others it a slow process.

With the constant algorithm change the pinning game is also changing because Pinterest has been banning a lot of accounts [imoji with hands out]. They now prefer the fresh pins over constant repins [some people are abusing the feature though] so you need to be careful and don’t overdo it.


In short, the answer is yes but it depends on the brand some allow it some don’t so you have to be clear and ask you affiliate before you can use their pins. If you decide to pin them you have to disclose #affilate #affilie so that you won’t get in trouble with Pinterest.

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