You’re a writer and you’re always on the lookout for new gigs, right? Well, we’ve found some of the best sites that pay writers to write about just about anything! Read on to find out more.

How Much Money Can you Make Writing?

How much money would you like to make with your writing, and how much writing do you wish to perform in order to get it? The sky is the limit in terms of how much money you can make through writing.


Listverse, as the name indicates, is devoted to listicles, or list postings. These are highly clickable entries in which each major point is included inside a numbered list (much like the one you’re now reading!).

According to the contributor requirements, you may create articles on “any subject you like,” as long as they are engaging, well-researched, and in the form of a list of at least ten items.

$100 for each post to a list

Freelance Mom

It pays $100 for 1,500-word blog articles about entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and the structures, tools, and procedures needed to establish a successful freelancing business.


This website is searching for posts relevant to “creating excellent websites, increasing traffic, social networking or earning money online.” They may pay up to $500 for articles in certain situations.


YourOnline.Biz wants to hear from you if you have a unique viewpoint on owning and managing a company, expanding a business, and doing it all online. They are taking proposals for any kind of internet or freelance employment.


It offers training tools to assist aspiring copywriters as well as paid possibilities for writers to submit long essays for publication on Copyhackers’ blog.

Its submission rules are straightforward: you should be an expert on the subject you’re proposing. And you should anticipate producing blog entries of at least 2,000 words “unless the material is exceedingly fabulously marvelously readable.”

Compensation ranges from $300 to $1,000 each blog article.

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Make a Living Writing

Offers $75 to $150 for pieces on freelance writing subjects targeted at assisting authors in advancing their careers and earning more money. Please read the criteria, familiarize yourself with the style, and research the sorts of blog articles we’re seeking for. The fee is determined by the difficulty of the subject and the amount of research required.

Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is a century-old publication committed to publishing “what authors need to remain motivated, perfect their craft, comprehend the particular obstacles of modern publishing, and get their work recognized.”

And according to submission requirements, Writer’s Digest accepts submissions for a number of magazine sections and sometimes takes cold pitches for guest blog articles on their website.

Transitions Abroad

Have an idea for a travel-related story? Transitions Abroad will pay up to $150 for articles (800–2,000 words) regarding travel tips, experiences, and adventures that will assist and inspire others to explore the globe. Transitions Abroad are now accepting submissions for stories on working, living, volunteering, and studying abroad.

The American Scholar

As a quarterly publication, it might take months to discover whether your work has been approved. However, the payout is excellent, as they accept stories, essays, and articles on a wide range of themes.

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