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    In the world of blogging there are two things that are vital for your online success, contend and visitors aka traffic gone are the days of if you build it they will come. In my quest for earning the living blogging, I’ve discovered that Pinterest is the big part of many bloggers success CREATE AN ACCOUNT Just like Facebook in back in the day, Pinterest has quickly become a great source of traffic for small blog owners who haven’t had a big budget to spend on ads. The first thing to do is to create the Pinterest account [assuming you haven’t don’t so yet], it also important to make sure…

  • The Best Free or Cheap Website Hosting
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    Every business now needs a website of their own to be present on the web world. In order to own your website apart from the website itself, you will require a hosting partner who will host your website on the web. Now, you may not require a website where there will be many pages and too many functions. It will be a simple page for sharing the basic information of your business. In such a situation it is obvious that you will look for free website hosting. Here are a few of them that will help you to host your website at quite a cheap rate.   BLUEHOST When you…

  • Blog Income Report: May 2020
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    Blog Income Report: May 2020

    Personally I love income reports and have been following bloggers [a lot] who share their income reports., they can give ideas to new bloggers about different income streams. I have a lot of questions about blogging like can you really make money? although I’m not new to blogging itself but has never attempted to make money because for me it was more of a hobby. if you believe the statistics only 10% make a true living blogging that a small number considering the number of blogs created each year [plus the number of income reports that claim to be earning money] that said I’m going to attempt to earn money…