Christmas is coming, and that means that it is almost that wonderful time of the year again. Every year people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on Christmas presents for their loved ones. Sometimes it is hard to have money for Christmas presents when you have bills to pay. That does not mean that you can’t buy great gifts for your loved ones. If you are on a budget and you want to earn some extra money for Christmas gifts here are some ways to do that:

Take Surveys Online

Taking surveys online is a great way to make extra money for Christmas. You will not earn a full-time income, but you can make an additional $50-$100 a month. There are a lot of survey sites to choose from, and you can combine them to make even more money. Here are the best surveys to make money from:
• One opinion-they have high paying surveys, and they pay by PayPal and Gift cards. Their minimum payout is $25.
• Mint vine- They have high paying surveys, and their minimum payout is just $10
• Paid ViewPoint- They send surveys to your inbox. Their payment method is Paypal, and you can cash out when you reach $15.
These survey sites will help you get the extra money that you need for Christmas. All you need is a few hours during the day to fill out the surveys when you have some downtime.

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Sell Your Stuff

Everyone has stuff that they don’t want anymore. There are apps and websites that you can use to sell the stuff that you don’t want. Apps and websites such as Offer Up, eBay, and Amazon can help you bring in the extra cash. The most important thing is to keep in mind that you have to be careful when you are meeting with people in person especially when you use apps such as Offer Up.

Selling your stuff can also turn into a side business that can bring income every month. If you are looking for extra money for Christmas presents selling the stuff that you don’t want anymore can give you a substantial amount of money.

How to Make Extra Money for the Holidays

Direct Sales

Everyone has heard of the popular direct sales companies such as Avon and Mary Kay. What some people may not know is direct sales can be an excellent way to earn some extra money for the holidays. Most direct sale companies come with a startup fee, but there are some that don’t such as Sedalia Designs which is a website that you use to promote their jewelry. If you don’t mind putting in a little money into your direct sales side business, you can try other companies with a low startup fee such as Avon, Kats Coffee, and Mary Kay.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

One of the smartest ways to save money for the holidays is to go shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You do not have to have a lot of extra money for Cyber Monday and Black Friday because they have good deals. You can shop online at your favorite retailers or in stores. It is best to know the hours of the stores and read newspaper ads to get the best deals.

Saving and earning extra money for Christmas does not have to be a difficult task. These tips will help you give your loved ones the Christmas presents that they want. Remember to shop wisely and utilize these tips to make extra money for that special time of the year.

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