Personally I love income reports and have been following bloggers [a lot] who share their income reports., they can give ideas to new bloggers about different income streams. I have a lot of questions about blogging like can you really make money? although I’m not new to blogging itself but has never attempted to make money because for me it was more of a hobby.

if you believe the statistics only 10% make a true living blogging that a small number considering the number of blogs created each year [plus the number of income reports that claim to be earning money] that said I’m going to attempt to earn money with this baby. So this is more of the challenge than anything else


Make/earn $1000 a month blogging by the twelfth month. A $1000 might seem like a small number but since my currency [South African Rand] is in the toilet right now so a thousand is more than enough to live on 😁


Nothing to speak of although I had this site for close to three years now the truth is it has been neglected together with about 10 articles written on it so it feels like a new start.

Less than 50 visits which I suspect to be bots


Medianet Ads: $0

Total Income: $0 For obvious reasons


Hosting: $2.9

Internet: $20

Canva: $0 [the free version]

Tailwind: $0 [I am currently using the free version and would probably switch to manual pinning after]

Net income?Loss: -$22.9

The plan is to not spend any necessary money until the site make money



The first few months I am planning to focus more on content creation growing the Pinterest account

  • publish four articles
  • create pins
  • apply for few affiliates

Again Im not expected much in terms of the income, after all, I’m no SEO expert to speed up the process.

Blog Income Report: May 2020

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