Working from home can be very convenient. You can work at your own pace, and you do not have to worry about the daily commute. It may seem like it would be difficult to land a work from home job because of a lack of experience. That is not the case. There is a lot of work from home jobs that require little to no experience. Here are 5 work from home jobs that will bring in some cash without you having to learn a new skill:

Customer Service Representative

There are plenty of customer service jobs that you can do from home. Some customer service jobs will require you to have a landline phone, or you can accept calls through a headset on your computer.

There are also customer service jobs that need you to respond by Chat or email. The most popular customer service jobs that require no experience is Nextrep, Live Ops, and Sitel. These jobs pay a pretty decent income and will help you pay your bills.

Micro Tasks

Micro-tasks are one of the easiest ways to make money online, but the pay can be extremely low. The most popular microtask websites are Amazon Mechanical Turk, Microworkers, and Rapid Workers. You get paid as little as 1 cent to complete a task.

Some tasks are taking surveys, transcribing, or reviewing websites. The best thing about microtasks is that it does not take a lot of time to complete the tasks so you can make an hourly wage. There is no limit to how much you can make when you do microtasks.

Search Engine Evaluation

Have you ever wondered how Bing and Google rate their search results? As a search engine evaluator, you will work with Google and Bing to evaluate the relevancy of search queries. The only requirement is to have a good understanding of pop culture and current events. Some search engine evaluation companies are Leap force, Appen, iSoftstone, and Lionbridge. The pay starts at $10 an hour and up. These websites hire often and are easy to apply for.


Moderating an online community is an easy work from home job that you can do with no experience. It takes up a lot of time to manage a forum, so that is why companies hire moderators to manage their online community. Several moderation jobs are entry-level positions. Crisp Thinking, Modsquad, and Live World are the most popular moderation jobs, and you can do them full-time. Many people have transferred from there 9-5 job to do online moderation jobs.

Become a Virtual Assistant

There are not enough hours in a day for a company to finish all of their tasks. That is why business owners hire virtual assistants to do the tasks that they don’t want to do. Some companies want you to have experience when it comes to virtual assisting, but there are a few that will hire beginners. Time Etc and Fancy Hands hire beginner VAs. You can have a successful career as a virtual assistant without any experience with these companies.


Transcription is a fun work from home job that you can do with no experience. There is a lot of people and companies that need transcribers. All you need is a good ear to listen, proper grammar, and a computer. You simply listen to files and transcribe what you hear. You need a good pair of headphones, and sometimes a pedal. Some companies that hire beginners are Go Transcript and Transcribe Me. Usually, you take a test in order to get approved to work for these companies.

It isn’t hard to work from home. These options will help you find the right work from home job based on your experiences. You don’t need a college degree or anything of that matter for these jobs. You can begin to apply for these jobs just by visiting their website.

Everyone has some work experience, even if they are not aware of it. We all have dealt with people, been to school, and some of us have worked in customer service. All you have to do is apply the skills that you already have to your work from home journey, and you will find the job of your dreams.

Work from Home Jobs that Require Little to No Experience

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